About me

I am a mum of 3.

I am a Master student at Leeds University, studying Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations.

I am a sister of 10.

I am an Icelander.

I lived in the Middle East for 10 months.

I used to have a truck driver license, which I haven’t renewed.

I am afraid of wasps and flying. For some reason buffets make me uncomfortable.

I love words and therefore talking, writing (blogs, poems, articles, stories etc.), reading ans listening to them.

I’m stubborn and passionate. Hardworking and organized. Sarcastic and goofy. Friendly and direct.

Here is a little video I did for my course at the beginning of my studies in Leeds. It is the first video I have edited myself and therefore not the best thing on the internet, but good enough for now! 🙂