I LOVE eating!

I also really enjoy cooking and baking, but only when I have the time to do so. I do not like to be rushed and stressed in the kitchen.

When you run a big home, however, sometimes it is inevitable.

The recipes I post are varied, some take time, others are quick. Some are very simple, others take a little more skills. However, if the recipes are followed they should all me manageable.

When I met my partner he told me he was used to do all the cooking. I was amazed to find a man that was that equipped in the kitchen.

Once he watched me cook he backtracked. Apparently his way of cooking was to buy stuff an pop it in the oven, buy granules and make sauce etc. I place great emphasis on cooked meals at home and meals I make mostly from scratch as I want to know what is in my food.

At the beginning of each month I make a menu and we buy everything that we can store straight away, tins, jars, meat and bread that can be popped in the freezer etc. Weekly we pop to the shop and top op on vegetables, fruits, dairy etc. This saves great amounts of money and when you are cooking for a small corporation (That’s what I am calling my home of 7 people!) that is an important factor!


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