Waking up by the coast in Iceland

This morning started by me waking up to my daughters tiny but warm body nestling up against me. I stuck my nose into the top of her head and took a deep breath. I enjoyed the peace and quite while she laid still for a few moments as I knew soon enough the fun would begin.

….all of a sudden I realized the fun had in fact begun! It wasn’t the feeling of her warm body I woke up to but the feeling of urine spreading around underneath me. Powered by some superhuman forces I sprung out of bed in one jump and looked at the time. “06:32, is not ridiculously early to get out of bed” I thought to myself and gave my daughter a nudge. The little curly head popped up fueled with enthusiasm, pulled up the curtains and asked: “Is it morning time? Can I go to school now?”

It’s wonderful to know your children enjoy daycare this much. Therefore, I thought to myself that this weeing incident was just a minor thing in the great scheme of things and that I had a lot to be grateful for.

Now my hardworking Andy appeared in the door and took the girls so I could nap a little longer. I made myself comfy at the edge of the bed where there was no wee. I was determined to get 10 more minutes in piece.

That’s when the screaming started.

The thing is my oldest daughter has taken on a role of a guardian of all things in this household. Apparently ALL things must be guarded! She guards yogurts, how long her brother takes in blinking his eyes, how much cereal her brother puts in his bowl etc. All incredibly important things. Obviously.

Her brother isn’t always in the mood for this.

This morning there was a battle about what sort of yogurt was allowed at school and which flavours he likes. Which she know the best. Of course.

Someone had to step in. I gave up on trying to have a nap and dragged myself upstairs. Once I got there Andy had defused the situation and made piece…..ish.

This lovely incident set the tone for all their communications until they left for school.

This morning was…interesting. Typical for a household filled with children.

I have decided now the only way is up!

Good morning to you all!!

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